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Terms and conditions (only illustrative, not exhaustive)
  • The professional should have sound and updated knowledge of the Income tax Act
  • Computation of Tax should be prepared in proper format as per the guidelines.
  • Documents to be handed over to the client-
    1. Computation of Tax
    2. ITR form
    3. ITR Acknowledgement
    4. Balance sheet, Profit and Loss statement and related Annexures (if required)
    5. Audit report (if required)
    6. Tax audit report (if required)
    7. Any other document as required on case to case basis.
  • The fees provided will be certain % of the ITR charges as quoted on the site.
  • The ITR filed will be subject to cross checking for quality assurance and adherence to all guidelines/sections of the Act.
  • The professional is responsible for submission and verification of ITR till all compliances are fully met.
  • Post ITR filing, the professional is also responsible for after sales service, like -
    1. Refund processsing,
    2. Any error correction,
    3. Rectification/Revision in case of defective return or any mistake made by the professsional while filing return
  • The professional should also-
    1. Link pan with aadhar if required.
    2. Download 26AS and match the income and TDS
    3. Registration of the assessee on the income tax site in case of Ist time filers.
  • In case of statutory audit and Tax audits, the professional should follow proper guidelines of Income tax Act, Accounting standards, Auditing, GST Act etc.and take due care.
  • The Website officals can be contacted anytime, in case of queries or any challenges faced by the professional.
  • If Digital signatures are required for filing, its generation or renewal will be done by the website officals only.
  • The professional has to do billing in name of the website at the end of the month for all work done together and not in name of the client.